Our Business Solutions

  • Get to Know Our Middle Market Business Solutions Your business is a living thing. It is continually evolving to assert its place within a complex business eco-system. At Mercer
    & Company, our lawyers and support staff are well-positioned to provide enlightened
    attention to the five key business areas that are core to any thriving middle marketing enterprise, especially yours:
    Business services

    We can act upon the following:
    Incorporate Formation
    • Limited Liability Companies
    • Limited Partnerships
    • Public Limited Companies
    • Non-Profit Organization (Foundation & Association)
    • Representative office
    • Office Branch
    • Regional Office or Multinational corporation
    • Off-shore Companies
    • Mergers and acquisitions (M & As)
    • Joint ventures and partnership arrangements
    • Take-overs
    • Notary Services

    Our proficient lawyers can handle a variety of diversified matters relating to :
    • Preparing, court filling or arbitration cases
    • Witness hearings
    • Conclusions and Pleadings
    • Appealing against sentences
    • Debt Collection

    Financing the business
    We act for companies and investors ;
    • Private equity and debt financing transactions,
    • Angel and seed capital investment
    • Venture capital investment
    • Private placements of equity and debt

    Africa business
    • We can source out and appoint the most suitable law firm for a particular matter. Firm A may be excellent for banking work but not for dispute resolution or litigation;
    • Because we are a “client” to the foreign law firm we instruct, we tend to get better service. If the service is not satisfactory, we will not use the firm for future transactions;
    • We are able to “shop around” and help our clients engage the firm with the most reasonable fees. In today’s world where most clients have a budgetary constraint, this can be very important;
    • Lawyers are mobile and talents can disappear from a law firm very suddenly. Because we are not tied up with any foreign firm if a very good foreign lawyer was to switch firms, we can still instruct him in his new firm;
    • Because we are making use of the foreign law firm’s existing resources, the cost of obtaining this foreign legal advice would be lower. It is expensive to set up a foreign office, which cost ultimately will have to be shared with the clients.